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Howard Thurman Conference at Upper House, Madison, Wisconsin

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Howard Thurman was a philosopher and theologian who helped shape the twentieth century by capturing the imaginations of educational, political, ecclesial, and judicial leaders. In his role as a teacher and mentor, Thurman’s vision of social justice, rooted in the requirements of reconciliation and love, was one of the pillars of the Civil Rights movement.

 Upper House in Madison, Wisconsin, will host a dynamic conference that reanimates the remarkable contribution of  Howard Thurman, through lectures by Karen Marsh and others, breakout discussions, and times of contemplative reflection. As Thurman wrote, “the human spirit cannot abide the enforced loneliness of isolation.” With that in mind, we look forward to gathering from April 26-28, 2018, exploring the depth and breadth of a legacy that held a light toward community, rooted in the universal pursuit of justice.

Learn more and register for the conference here.