“In our postmodern age, it’s all the more important that Christians cultivate ancient friendships, apprenticing with broken and beautiful saints who’ve preceded us. Their lives of devotion, service, and sacrifice help us to reimagine our own. In this wise, humble, passionate book, Karen Marsh invites you to meet the ancient friends who have nourished her faith. It’s a joyful, honest journey that will make you want to join this pilgrimage for yourself.”
James K. A. Smith, Calvin College, author of You Are What You Love

“The winsome brilliance of Karen Wright Marsh’s ability to encapsulate gorgeous little vignettes of history’s greatest contemplative mystics and fierce justice advocates makes Vintage Saints and Sinners a timely work. From the most spectacular to the uttermost undramatic conversions, each hero and shero Karen introduces highlights an embodied example of vocational fidelity that is both inspiring and inviting.”
Christopher L. Heuertz, cofounder of Gravity, a Center for Contemplative Activism, author of The Sacred Enneagram

“Sit down a pour yourself a glass of Karen Wright Marsh’s Vintage Saints and Sinners. At first sip, you are transported into delightful stories of Christians past. But, as you drink more deeply, Vintage engages difficult issues of faith, doubts and loves, wisdom, and the practice of justice in the world. This is a gracious book, full of charming prose and profound truths, with just the right complexity of spiritual insight for everyday life. Taste and see!”
Diana Butler Bass, author of Grounded: Finding God in the World – A Spiritual Revolution

“Righteousness, we know it feelingly, is endlessly complicated. In Vintage Saints and Sinners, Karen Marsh shows that it’s also a living process, a communal drama of joy and liveliness into which we’re each invited. With wit, care, and deep lyricism, Marsh helps us to see that saints—who are also always sinners—are on our side. Where we are, they’ve already been in. We get to meet their messy witness with our own. One day at a time.”
David Dark, author of Life's Too Short To Pretend You're Not Religious

“There are many times when Christian ministry —particularly activist ministries that pursue the full expression of the Kingdom of God in the world— can be an arduous and lonely task. It can feel like we are the first ones to tread this territory. Karen Marsh looks back upon an important spiritual history. She offers important examples and role models that remind us that we are never alone when we pursue the fullness of the Kingdom of God. If every activist Christian were to engage in a daily reading of this text and actually put into practice what is offered by these vintage Christians, Christianity could actually serve a healthier witness to the Kingdom of God.”
Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, North Park Theological Seminary, author of The Next Evangelicalism and Prophetic Lament

“It is not hard to imagine being drawn into a good conversation about things that matter with Karen Marsh. At one and the same time playful and profound, with heart and mind she invites us in, opening her deep, rich reading of the “sainted ones” of the centuries, making them be what they must be, ordinary men and women who lived lives near to God— with every possible heartache and hope. But that is the good gift of this book: it makes these saints be sinners like us, people who long for honest faith, for honest hope, for honest love. Vintage Saints and Sinners is a book for Everyman and Everywoman, pilgrims across the centuries that we are.”
Steven Garber, The Washington Institute, author of Visions of Vocation

“This page-turning pilgrimage journal is waybread from—and for—the fallible and glorious communion of quotidian saints.”
Susan R. Holman, author of Beholden, winner of the 2016 Grawemeyer Award in Religion

“There are few things in this world that more ably transform us than our encounters with real stories. Stories that tell of joy and shame. Of hope and anguish. Of the very hard work that leads to a world of goodness, beauty, and redemption—but not without the honest rendition of all the stumbling in the dark that necessarily accompanies such godly liberation. These are the stories that we so desperately need to hear, and they are the very stories that Karen Marsh has so thoughtfully given us with Vintage Saints and Sinners. Stories not only of the saints of clay feet who we all know about, but also the story that is her own, the one that ties all the others—the reader’s not the least—into the grand narrative into which God is writing all who are willing to be included. If you want your hope to be strengthened, if you want your mind to be renewed, and if you want your story to be changed, look no further: this collection of stories is for you.”
Curt Thompson, author of The Soul of Shame